Financial Coronavirus

Coronavirus will surely be chosen as the word of the year in numerous languages. There is no newspaper or informational cover that does not open its information without the updated part of the disease across the planet. And all this despite so many voices that call for calm, because its real impact on the health […]

Golden Visa living in Paradise

Have you ever thought about residing in Spain together with your whole family? Would you like to travel freely without a visa throughout the European Union? Would you also be interested in obtaining a work permit? And finally, would you also like to be able to make a good investment with high profitability? If you […]

6 mistakes buying a home in Spain

To do not calculate initial expenses All the expenses involved in the purchase operation must be considered. Remember that the price of the house will have to be added approximately an additional 12% derived from administrative expenses and taxes. And remember that if you apply for a mortgage and you are not a tax resident […]

¿Buy a home under construction or used?

Buy a new home under construction or buy a used home? Advantages and disadvantages of both options. This dilemma is often posed to foreigners who wish to acquire a home in Spain. Below, we offer a list of advantages and disadvantages of both options, as well as some practical advice. Advantages if you buy a […]

Real estate investments in Spain, an alternative

It is public and notorious that the returns on capital in Europe, in traditional investment channels considered as safer such as; Bank funds, public debt and others, are very low, often reaching returns close to 0 and sometimes even negative returns, such as German and even Spanish public debt. Given this reality in which there […]