Project Monitoring

Detailed monitoring of the Construction Works by informing the owner on the degree of compliance with the project planning as well as the rest of conditions included in the contract.

Monthly reports

Subsequent monthly or fortnightly reports regarding the state of the supervised works.

Approval of payments

Verification of invoices, delivery notes, materials delivery certificates, etc. before the approval of any payment.

Monthly report of certifications

Monthly or fortnightly reports of the certifications approved in the Work meetings and included in the corresponding minutes.

Construction quality control

Supervision of the work by the OCT [technical control body] and assessment and report from our quality experts on the works to be supervised.

Work planning control

Supervision of the planning for the works to be monitored and compliance control, informing of any incidents that affect the delivery dates and proposing alternative actions when needed.

Licence and permit control

Checking and verification that the licences that protect the legality and adequacy of the works to be supervised are in order.

Status final reports

Final report of each work consignment whose execution is completed.