Golden Visa living in Paradise

Have you ever thought about residing in Spain together with your whole family? Would you like to travel freely without a visa throughout the European Union? Would you also be interested in obtaining a work permit? And finally, would you also like to be able to make a good investment with high profitability?

If you have sufficient economic means to acquire a home, or any other real estate property (a land, a commercial premises etc.) for a minimum net value of € 500,000 (separate taxes), and in addition, you can also prove to have economic means or annual income equivalent to 27,000 euros, plus 7,000 euros for each member of your family for whom you wish to obtain residence in Spain together with you, we inform you, that in 3 months, you can obtain permanent residence in Spain together with your family , and also obtain, if you wish, a work permit, and all this without the requirement of residing any minimum time in Spain. 

Yes! You have read correctly, in 3 months! Now you and your family can benefit from the privilege of residing and living in one of the most attractive countries in the world. What makes Spain so attractive to reside? We will try to summarize it below as briefly as possible.

Its climate: One of the privileges enjoyed by Spain is precisely its Mediterranean climate in the East and South of the country. Characterized by very mild winters and hot summers, but also softened by the sea breeze, low rainfall and more than 325 sunny days per year guaranteed. Even so, it will not be necessary to travel too many kilometers to enter the continental climate that occurs in much of the country, which allows the rare privilege, in some enclaves and certain times of the year, to ski in the morning and take a dip in the sea in the afternoon of the same day.

Its variety of landscapes: Like the weather, the landscapes are also very diverse in Spain, beaches and mountains, steppes and forests, both Mediterranean and continental, even deserts. A whole continent in a single country that can be traveled in a few hours by car.

Its history and cultural heritage: Spain is, together with Italy and China, the country with the largest and most important cultural and historical heritage in the world. Several Spanish cities are also a world heritage site. In Spain cultures such as Greek, Roman, Germanic, Jewish and Muslim are mixed and this is manifested in its cities, towns, monuments, and even in its people.

Its cuisine: In recent decades, Spain has stood out in the international scene for its excellent and incomparable cuisine, placing several restaurants for years in recognition as the best restaurant in the world. Usually there are no less than 6 or 7 Spanish restaurants among the top 20 in the world. The variety of landscapes and climates in Spain also translates into an amazing culinary diversity as well, so you can’t even talk about Spanish cuisine, but about regional cuisines, such as Basque, Catalan, Galician, Castilian etc. Another element to highlight in Spanish gastronomy is not only the excellent quality of the products, or their enormous creativity in the elaboration, but above all the healthy and beneficial that the well-known and world-famous Mediterranean diet is for health, an aspect that is sure influences, among others, to turn the Spanish population into the population with the highest life expectancy in the world together with Japan.

Its services and infrastructure: Spain is a modern country with enviable transport infrastructure. The whole country is connected to a dense network of highways, and it is the country with the most km of high-speed train per inhabitant in the world, more than 40 modern airports spread throughout the geography (Germany has 23). The public health service is considered one of the best and most efficient in the world. Spain has been leading the world in the number of transplants for more than 15 years and is a recognized destination in what has been called health tourism, precisely because of the quality of its hospitals and clinics, as well as the high Qualification of their doctors and easy access to both public and private health.

Its “way of life”: Spain is the second country in the world, after France, most visited by foreign tourists (84 million in 2019), but it is especially the first country in the world with the highest rate of repeat tourist visits , why? Many studies have been done to find out the reason, and this has always been the same. People just have fun and a good time. Spain is in addition to many other things a funny country, and it contributes to it the friendly and hospitable nature of its people, its traditions, its popular festivals and a relaxed lifestyle, but at the same time productive and efficient as demonstrated year by year in the celebration of internationally renowned congresses, as well as sporting, social or political events of the utmost importance.

Its safety: Spain is the country with the lowest homicide rate in the entire EUROPEAN UNION, which is the same as saying that is one of the countries with the lowest homicide rate in the world. Personal security and the very low crime rate in Spain is another of the key factors that make our country an enormously attractive place to reside with the family. Less than 3% of the Spanish population considers security as a problem. In Spain our children can walk down the street with maximum peace of mind for virtually any city, as well as adults even in the late night.

Its business opportunities: Our country is a good place to invest and do business. Especially in the real estate sector, but also in the services and in the new technologies sector. Specifically, in the real estate sector our company is offering annualized returns to investors of more than 20%. Spain, as a fundamental and important member of the EUROPEAN UNION, is a highly reliable country with one of the most consolidated legal securities in the world.

Its geographical location: the door between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, The door between Europe and Latin America and the door between Europe and Africa, the most important cities in Europe less than 2 hours 30 minutes by plane, Spain is a crossroads of civilizations, First of all because it is a crossroads. Spain is a global destination open to all those who long for residence in paradise.